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  • 9th Annual West Virginia Chestnut Festival: Exploring Our Roots
    Sunday, Oct. 9, 10:30 AM - 7:30 PM
    Location: Rowlesburg West Virginia
    Enjoy games, food, music, and browsing a variety of chestnut vendors selling crafts and wares. Later in the day, a program will be offered with speakers Maggie DeWeirdt who will do a chestnut cooking demonstration, then Cameron Stauder, a M.S. candidate who will speak about the role of tree resistance and pathogen virulence in the chestnut blight disease. A gala banquet will take place in the evening that will feature a wine tasting, a chestnut-themed dinner, the crowning of the 9th Annual Mr. and Madame Chestnut, and chestnut researcher, Dr. Don Kines, will deliver the keynote address.
    For a complete schedule and directions, click HERE.
  • Annual Hickory Feast
    Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, 6pm - 9 pm
    Location: Vine and Rushes, 410 County Road E, Ripon, Wisconsin 54971
    For more information about this event contact the WHA at
  • The American Chestnut Foundation Annual Meeting
    Thurs., Nov. 10 - Sat., Nov 12;
    Location: Louisville, Kentucky
    On Friday, November 11 educational sessions for the general public will take place: How to Grow Chestnuts, presented by Scott Freidhof, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources; and Using American chestnut root collar sprouts to establish germplasm orchards, presented by Keith Chasteen, US Army Corps of Engineers.
    To register or obtain additional information, call the National office of The American Chestnut Foundation at 828-281-0047 by September 30.

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